Waterproofing Foundations Moline, IL

Do you have water seeping into your basement? Does your foundation have visible cracks that moisture is getting through? Musty or moldy smells in your basement or crawlspace? A leaking concrete foundation can cause all sorts of problems for your home but it IS something that can be repaired.

Waterproofing foundations in Moline Illinois is a critical step to protect your home or business from water damage, especially if you have a below grade basement or crawlspace. The proper application of a waterproof barrier helps to keep moisture out of your basement and can help prevent structural damage and damage to the interior of your home or building.

If you are having problems with water infiltration into your basement or crawlspace, it is important to call a professional for help as soon as possible. This isn't a problem you should ignore as it will only cause more damage.

R.A. Masonry, LLC is a masonry contractor based out of Moline, IL and serving the surrounding area. We specialize in waterproofing leaking foundations using specialize products like the "R-Guard Air & Water Barrier" which is applied to the exterior of your foundation. This will prevent air and moisture vapor from penetrating your concrete foundation and will keep your basement dry.

Signs Your Foundation Is Leaking

There are a few signs that can indicate your foundation is leaking and needs waterproofing. One of the most obvious signs is water seeping into the basement but it's not always visible.

  • Visible cracks in the foundation, especially near corners.
  • Visible mold or mildew on the interior of your foundation.
  • Peeling or bubbling paint on the interior walls.
  • Basement doors that are difficult to open/close due to expansion from moisture.
  • Musty, mold, or mildew smells in your basement.
  • Wet carpet or flooring.

How Do We Waterproof Your Foundation?

The first step is to call us (309) 230-6851 or fill out our online contact form and request a consultation. This way we can come and inspect your specific building to see what we're working with.

The next step is to determine how and where the water is coming through the foundation. This could be from poor drainage around the home, poorly positioned downspouts, cracks in the foundation, or all of the above.

Once we've determined what is causing the water infiltration we can come up with a plan to repair any issues and to waterproof the foundation to solve the problem for good.

This Process Usually Involves:

  • Excavating the soil around your foundation to expose it.
  • Cleaning the foundation so our coating can properly adhere.
  • Repairing the foundation if there is damage requiring it.
  • Applying our R-Guard air and water vapor barrier.
  • Installing proper drainage or downspouts around your structure.
  • Backfilling the excavated area around your structure.

How Much Does It Cost To Waterproof A Foundation?

It is going to cost between $5000 to $8000 to waterproof a foundation on your typical home in Illinois. There are circumstances and variables that could increase this cost such as extensive damage to a foundation that needs to be repaired first, homes that are difficult to access with our equipment, or when additional drainage systems must be installed or repaired. You can be sure when we provide you with a quote to waterproof your basement foundation that the work is going to be done right and we're not going to cut any corners. We want to fix your problem once and for all.

R.A. Masonry, LLC specializes in waterproofing basements and foundations using specialized, industrial quality coatings that are designed specifically to solve these problems for residential and commercial properties.

If you'd like to schedule an estimate to waterproof your foundation please give us a call (309) 230-6851 or fill out our online form and we'll get right back to you.